Winston Calvert's strategic communications and government affairs practice in St. Louis, Missouri.


Media Relations

Calvert Strategies helps clients tell their stories in a complex media environment.  Effective narratives need to be integrated, considering the public perception, legal realities, and political challenges that face your company.  And effective media relations must be holistic, planning for all media types — traditional, social, and emerging technologies.  Winston Calvert has deep relationships in the media and the broad experience to integrate all of your challenges into one consistent message.

Political Communications

Whether it is strategically communicating why you voted yes before you voted no, crafting a messaging strategy around your policy platform, or managing the daily press attention that comes with seeking public office, we have significant experience helping to build support, explain inconsistencies, and eloquently articulate your vision.  Winston Calvert’s experience working with elected officials and political candidates includes developing detailed policy proposals, speechwriting, and media relations.  

Law Firm Public Relations

We have significant experience helping lawyers and law firms manage public scrutiny, handle media inquiries, manage press attention, and assist clients in meeting their goals.  Whether it is the lawyer under scrutiny or the lawyer’s client, we work with the lawyer and law firms to craft the most effective strategy for all stakeholders.  Winston Calvert’s experiences include working for a decade in a large law firm, and leading a 40-lawyer public sector law firm.  Missouri Lawyers Weekly even named Calvert the Law Firm Leader of the Year for his leadership of the City Counselor’s office. 

Crisis Management

We have a proven record of guiding high-profile individuals and organizations through crisis situations.  Winston Calvert’s multidisciplinary backgrounds from law, public service, and communications is capable of serving a wide variety of business sectors faced with legal, media, and other public crises. 

Litigation Communications

Winston Calvert has been the face of many of the most high-publicized lawsuits in the St. Louis region over the past decade.  From the St. Stanislaus controversy to same-sex marriage, minimum wage, Uber, and Ferguson, Calvert has played a key role in crafting the legal and public relations strategies.  He now assists attorneys and their clients in making positive headlines for their cases, and managing the inevitable negative coverage. 

Government Communications

Cities, counties, and public agencies have unique needs and face challenges other sectors do not have.  Winston Calvert’s government communications experience ranges from managing Sunshine Law and FOIA requests to contextualizing government decisions and articulating a policy message that connects with diverse constituencies.